Our Programs

The Rural Arts Network’s main objective is to reach communities that are so distant and isolated that they never have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the wonderful exposure to and development through the creative arts.

We are passionate about:

Appreciation for the Creative Arts

The main objective is to expose the rural communities to various art forms so that they can familiarise themselves with the arts in general. This general exposure assists them to make an informed decision on which art form they would like to pursue.

RAN focuses on working with children who come from poor households, where parents generally cannot afford private tuition for their children or are unable to get their children to arts centres.

In our appreciation programmes we focus on a more generalised approach exposing beneficiaries to all four art forms: music, art, dance and drama.

As part of this programme we actively work to involve the parents in their children’s creative development which extends our reach into these deprived communities. As a result, parents, extended family and communities become indirect beneficiaries.

Bottomless Coffee

RAN’s objective is to consistently deliver the highest standards in teaching and performance; creating a platform for learners to develop not only their creative talents, but also develop into well-balanced, responsible role players in their communities.

Group Tuition and Participation

Group tuition is a weekly activity for each group.  Through regular rehearsals and lessons we work towards performances and exhibitions. These activities combine to offer a wonderful experience for every beneficiary. They learn new and essential skills and they also get the freedom to have fun. This is something that is often forgotten. The children we serve are often over-burdened from living in extremely challenging environments that they end up growing up far too soon. We create the space to balance this out.

We currently offer group tuition in: Choir, Marimba, Recorder, Djembe drumming, Drumline, Dance, Drama, and General Art

Individual Music & Art Tuition

Rural Arts Network offers specialised programmes for bright young talents in various mediums including Individual music training and music theory and fine arts and the eventual outcome of compiling a creative portfolio.

The ultimate goal would be to eventually open up career or entrepreneurial opportunities for gifted students in the arts or related fields.  This, to bring hope and vision to talented young artists and musicians.

We currently offer individual tuition for piano, guitar, brass, drums, specialised art.

RAN individual art

Training & Skills Development

This programme trains individuals from the local community to become interns and assistants in the field of arts administration, art education and assistant facilitators.

These Individuals are school leaving beneficiaries who have completed their Gr 12 and have come through our projects . They show a special interest and talent in our projects and the main criteria is their regular attendance and consistent long-term commitment.

We also up-skill training for unemployed youth, teenage mothers, the elderly and disable. We teach a variety of art-based skills including tye-dye, quilting, crotchet, clay work, needle work, cooking.

In our experience we have found very few people who are passionate enough to commit to this daunting task and travel these vast distances – often having to face difficult and uncomfortable circumstances – to bring the creative arts to these remote rural areas.